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Solstice Vibrations

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Give your skin a glowy lift and address stubborn dark circles or treat puffy cheeks with a face rolling tool. Face rolling can stimulate your lymphatic system, stimulate blood flow, help ease tension and reduce inflammation in the skin. Putting your face roller in the fridge can calm facial redness, and swelling.

Some studies suggest that using these roller stones may help relieve stress and lower cortisol levels, which are known to contribute to aging.

When using a face rolling tool, you want to massage or roll your skin away from your face. Use your face roller for up to 5 minutes daily to see a temporary boost in your appearance. Using your face roller in the morning can help you achieve a more sculpted effect. Be gentle when using the roller on your skin, and stop if it starts to hurt.